Horse blinging business with a very bright future


Michelle Inch’s equine horse paint and glitter business has gone around the world and could even lead to a Cbeebies TV show.

Equidivine uses dyes, made from mica pigments and natural chalk, to decorate and “tattoo” horses for events. And the products can easily be washed off, and do not harm the horses says Michelle.

Products on sale on the company’s website include; mane and tail extensions, crystal accessories, glitter and dyes

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Become a digital entrepreneur with this 7-course bundle ($19)

11-8-796x398.jpgIn the digital age, the 9-to-5 grind is no longer an inevitable path for driven professionals.

With the right training and vision, you can become the digital pioneer you’ve always envisioned, working with top-level instructors to learn the entrepreneurial ropes and set yourself on a course to success by your own measure.

The Digital Entrepreneur Bundle aims to do just that, and at 97 percent off from TNW Deals, the opportunity has never been easier on the wallet.

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Young entrepreneur aged 5 earns £200 from toy she bought for just £2.50

  • A rare shopkins toy that Gracie Davis from Farnworth, Grtr Mancs., sold on ebay from over £200Gracie Davis sold the rare Shopkins toy for over £200

A savvy five-year-old has shown she has all the makings of a successful entrepreneur after she bought a rare toy for £2.50 and flogged it on eBay for £200.

Little Gracie Davis discovered she had a limited edition Shopkins toy amongst her vast collection of over 100.

And with the help of her mum Jessica, Gracie realised she could earn a pretty penny for her tiny toy and put the item on

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This 11-Year-Old Entrepreneur Is Saving Bees With Her Lemonade Recipe

Screen-Shot-2016-04-05-at-1.09.30-PM-728x400The world is filled with incredible stories of human compassion, dedication, and industry, but few are more remarkable than those involving childhood ingenuity. I’m writing this article to share with all of you the incredible story of Mikaila, the 11-year-old entrepreneur who is out to save the world’s bees – one bottle of lemonade at a time.

According to her website, Mikaila’s entrepreneurial journey began at the ripe old age of 4, the same age at which I did little more than play and watch baseball. Thanks to some encouragement from her family, Mikaila entered a children’s business competition using her grandmother’s famous flaxseed lemonade recipe.

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