How a 22 year old’s eBay store has become one of the fastest growing companies

nasty gal

Stories about people who become a big success virtually overnight are always impressive; especially when we’re talking about those who do it at an age when most of us are still struggling to finish university. Today, we would like to introduce you to Sophia Amoruso, who at 22 launched what has become the fastest growing retail company- Nasty Gal Vintage. Read below to find out more about this inspiring young entrepreneur.


Back in 2006, Sophia Amoruso was a 22-year old college dropout working at a local art school in San Francisco, checking IDs. A vintage enthusiast, Amoruso noticed how her MySpace profile (Facebook wasn’t that big at that time) kept receiving notifications about vintage clothing shops. Recognizing the potential, Amoruso decided to kick start her own venture on an eBay store.

She named her store Nasty Gal, as a tribute to Betty Davis, and began promoting her store on social media networks. In virtually no time, Nasty Gal gathered nearly 700,000 online followers on MySpace and Facebook, according to Elite Daily. More than 500,000 users visited the site each month, some of them more than 100 times per month. But even more impressive than this is the fact that she handled everything on her own: from marketing and shipping, to photography and captioning the products on sale. She spent immense amounts of time engaging with clients and listening to their opinions, which probably helped her store become the massive success it is nowadays.

For More Information Visit: NastyGal.Com


After opening her vintage store, more and more popular sellers started to sell their products on Nasty Gal. Offers started pouring in for Miss Amoruso, and when she finally settled for Index Ventures’ offer, she sky-rocketed both in terms of revenue and popularity. The offer, which consisted of $40 million worth of venture funding and an additional $9 million for equity prompted a profit of $128 million shortly after the deal was closed.


Nowadays, Amoruso’s Nasty Gal Vintage continues to expand exponentially, raking in more and more money with every passing day. Amoruso’s business endeavour has been a complete success since day one and it has steadily evolved over the years, prompting INC Magazine to name Nasty Girl the fastest growing retailer.

The shop’s Facebook account has now surpassed 1 million fans and its Twitter account over 140,000. According to Elite Daily, the former college dropout is now worth a whopping $250 million, making her one of the most profitable young entrepreneurs in the US.

Named the Sexiest CEO by Business Insider, Miss Amoruso has big plans for the future. She is currently in the process of writing and publishing a book, as well as working on expanding Nasty Gal designer line, publishing a Nasty Gal magazine, and opening a retail store chain.

Via: 21st Century News


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