IKEA enthusiasts, particularly those with extensive LP collections, were dismayed to learn of the Swedish home goods retailer’s recent decision to discontinue its iconic Expedit shelving range. Nonetheless, the store persists as a favored furnishing solution both for its affordable design solutions and “hackability.” More and more, companies are cropping up to respond to consumer desire for IKEA customization products.

Panyl: Wall decals were a popular home decorating quick-fix in the early ’00s and though they may not be considered as hip as they were in the Y2K era, their peel-and-stick format is emerging anew. Furniture customization brand Panyl makes environmentally-friendly vinyl sheets that are cut to size for specific IKEA items. Solids, patterns, and faux bois prints are available for simple upgrades to classics like the Billy bookshelfMalm bed, and Ekby Järpen floating wall shelf. The application process is relatively forgiving, as Panyl sheets do not stick until firm pressure is applied, allowing users to readjust as necessary to achieve the perfect fit.


Superfront: IKEA food products aren’t being served for dinner as much as they once were, in the wake of last year’s horse meatball scandal. Nonetheless, the store’s kitchen fixtures remain a top choice for modern renovations on a budget. New Stockholm-based company Superfront offers a number of customization options for home cooks that are as serious about the appearance of their cabinets as they are about their plating skills. Upgrades include marble countertops for Besta units, sleek drawer pulls like the leatherTrunk and metallic Holy Wafer, and patterned panels that infuse a quiet whimsy into even the most sophisticated environs.

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