10 Foolproof Ways To Make A Million Dollars

Sell 714,286 Self-Published Books On A Kindle
Sell 714,286 Self-Published Books On A Kindle

Average cost of a book sold: $2

Profits you keep: 70%

Million-dollar math: For every $2 book sold, you keep $1.40. $1.40 X 714,286 books = $1,000,000.40

Who did it: Earlier this year, 26-year old Amanda Hocking was the best-selling “indie” writer on the Kindle store. She was selling around 100,000 copies per month at $1 to $3 a pop which set her on track to pocket a few million dollars.

Sell 477,483 apps in the App Store

Average cost of an app: $2.26, but since Apple doesn’t let people sell apps for that amount well round up to $2.99.

Profits you keep: 70%

Million-dollar math: For every $2.99 app sold, you keep $2.093. $2.093 X 477,784 apps = $1,000,001.91

Who did it: Doodle Jump’s Igor and Marko Pusenjak, Tap Tap Revenge and Peter Verterbacka of Rovio’s Angry Birds

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Jacket helps airline passengers dodge luggage fees


Baggage can be a contentious issue at airports, with passengers often facing extra fees if they go over the limit for any checked-in luggage. Last year, Samoa Air even became the first airline to introduce a pay-by-weight system for its customers. Offering a cheeky solution for consumers hoping to avoid these fees, Bulgaria’s Jaktogo is a lightweight jacket that can help passengers ‘smuggle’ 10kg of extra luggage into airplanes.

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Meet the vloggers making millions from make-up tutorials: Beauty videos reach the 700 million hits a month mark

In an age where looking picture-perfect in an Instagram selfie is all the rage (thanks, Kim Kardashian), it comes as no surprise that women are brushing up on their beauty techniques.

However, rather than devouring beauty manuals or picking up tips from their mothers, two fifths of British women are now watching their way to better beauty skills.

A new survey has revealed that 41 per cent of women are watching beauty videos on YouTube or dedicated blogs – an industry that’s garnered 700m hits a month worldwide.

How a 22 year old’s eBay store has become one of the fastest growing companies

nasty gal

Stories about people who become a big success virtually overnight are always impressive; especially when we’re talking about those who do it at an age when most of us are still struggling to finish university. Today, we would like to introduce you to Sophia Amoruso, who at 22 launched what has become the fastest growing retail company- Nasty Gal Vintage. Read below to find out more about this inspiring young entrepreneur.


Back in 2006, Sophia Amoruso was a 22-year old college dropout working at a local art school in San Francisco, checking IDs. A vintage enthusiast, Amoruso noticed how her MySpace profile (Facebook wasn’t that big at that time) kept receiving notifications about vintage clothing shops. Recognizing the potential, Amoruso decided to kick start her own venture on an eBay store.

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How to Become an eBay PowerSeller in 90 Days

Are you privileged enough to have reached the highest honors when it comes to selling on eBay?  This of course is the highly sought after, PowerSeller status.  If you have, then congratulations!  If you haven’t yet, then this article is for you.  First of all, being a PowerSeller has many benifits that are outlined below, but before we jump right in, lets uncover what it means to actually be an eBay PowerSeller.

You might think that you would have to be moving large volumes of items per day or making millions of dollars on eBay in order for them to get this status. Let me take some pressure off you and explain the simple breakdown of what it means to be a PowerSeller.

It comes down to five criteria:

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