Pop up store kit transforms vacant space


Made in the Lower East Side (miLES) is an urban spaces revitalization grouped that launched earlier this year. Founded by Eric Ho, miLES faciliated short term rental of vacant storefronts in the lower East side, to revitalize the community and engender a hub of creativity. Thus far miLES has helped 14 businesses with one day pop-up shops, 20 pop-up classes and even popup festivals. Now, the team are turning to Kickstarter to launch their Storefront Transformer, a transportable set of modular furniture that will help change any space.

The pop-ups miLES previously hosted were one-day events, now the organization wants to facilitate longer leases from a week to a month, to get underused spaces filled while landlords wait for long term tenants. The Storefront Transformer is one element of this, demonstrating how easy it can be to set up a temporary space. It is a 6ft cube that contains all the amenities that are needed for a store – shelving, partitions, tables, seats, a stage, as well as lighting, wifi, power strips and even a PA system. The Kickstarter campaign will fund the transformer itself as well as two months rent, for a showcase of miLES set for November and December this year. Over seven weeks, seven different companies will occupy the space for a week – from a community learning center to a live magazine – to demonstrate the flexibility of the transformer and the endless possibilities for vacant spaces.


Find out more at Kickstarter


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