Interview: Anthony Ganjou, founder of CURB Media

curb-640x160Anthony is a creative entrepreneur and founder of CURB media, Over the past three years the agency has grown to £1,000,000 revenues and has worked with many of the world’s leading brands and agencies.

Clients include P&G, Nokia, Microsoft, Sky, Sony and the National Trust. We spent five minutes chatting to Anthony about his trade secrets, success and inspirations…

Tell us a bit more about yourself

curb mediaI founded CURB three years ago to try and help the world’s leading brands and agencies get more creative with out of home communication.

## How did you get into your creative field? The inspiration for CURB came outside a pub when I saw Innocent advertising on the side of a bus and thought “Why on earth are we being preached the natural mantra on a dead tree on the side of a bus?”. My fiancée, sat opposite, raised the point that there was probably no natural media so (after a bit of Googling and finding a lack of sustainable and creative media inspiration) we launched CURB. Our first project was hand burning Barack Obama’s portrait using the sun and a magnifying glass – which now sits in the White House!

Who, where or what did you learn the most from during your career?

Our customers, listening to their needs and feedback on every single job allows us to develop a stronger company which meets and exceeds their expectations.

Is there anything you’re currently working on we should know about?

We are working with visionary brands to create sponsored living walls creating green space in major urban cities that cannot be used. CURB is developing multi-sensory communication that allows brands to intimately and emotionally engage consumer in ways that increase recall by 1000% using total non-visual experiences.

Our interactive technology division is developing the UK’s first national network of audio enabled screens (allowing sound to be controlled and projected within a defined area in-front of a billboard) which we launched with 02. Lastly we are helping commercialise a technology that will give brands real time measured feedback on the number (and demographics) of consumers looking at signage and engaging with any activation where it is installed.

Are there any moments of your career you’re especially proud of?

Breaking and (as a result) sharing a Guinness World Record with Michael Jackson, creating the biggest poster in history next to Heathrow airport and in Sony’s words delivering the biggest stunt since they sailed the statue down the Thames.

Commercialising a space which Westfield London (one of the most commercially aware companies in the world) had never used before and within three weeks hand painting 3 giant photographic murals for Microsoft on the space generating thousands for Westfield (from dead space) and creating the most successful video game launch of 2011.

So what’s next in the pipeline for you?

We are in the process of structuring the company to scale around the world, our proposition of innovating space and creative media is something we know adds value everywhere. Our first activation in Canada (the bacterial billboard for Contagion/Warner Brothers) was ranked as the second most successful ad in the country during 2011 with 500,000 Youtube views and more than £10,000,000 in earned media globally, all from a budget of £20,000. In a nutshell we have the ability to combine science, arts, technology and production which allows us to activate anywhere. Cities essentially become our media playgrounds!

Who or what inspires you?

The reaction of people to our work particularly where people automatically assume what they are seeing is synthetic, then realise it is the real thing.

When you’re not working, what are you up to?

Having just bought a house my rare off-days are spent painting and generally following the better half around furniture stores or Ikea!

To find out more about CURB visit

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