Business Idea of the day – Grab a drink on the GO! with in-cab vending machines.

Grab A Drink On The Go With In-Cab Vending Machines

Next time you’re riding around New Orleans in a taxi, you’ll be able to help yourself to a cold beverage. For just 99 cents, a vending machine will dispense a variety of soft drinks that can be enjoyed in the back of the cab. This project, from New Orleans Carriage Cab, is similar to a concept developed in NYC called TaxiTreats.

New Orleans Carriage Cab is the first company nationwide to develop technology that offers soft drink vending machines in around 250 taxis. Passengers will have a choice of non-alcoholic beverages that can be ordered through a touchscreen display and bought by swiping their credit or debit card.

The options include Coke, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, iced tea, and orange Fanta. The drink is immediately dispensed from a vending machine fridge, which is able to hold up to 36 drinks and used cans are recycled weekly.

Grab A Drink On The Go With In-Cab Vending Machines

The soft drink vending machines have been tested over the last six months. Future roll outs are being planned in Chicago and New York, and the technology is available for operators across the country to purchase.

New Orleans Carriage Cab

Via psfk


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