Death on the high street! Where did HMV go wrong?


With itunes chipping away at CD sales, selling music is becoming harder for retailers. Getting customers back in stores is something that french owned entertainment retailer Fnac are trying to overcome. When you arrive in a Fnac store you would not think anything different about this music store. Fnac stores are usually pretty large. They are however always very furnished; they avoid the “industrial manufacturing plant” appearance common to supermarkets. Unlike some retail chains, Fnac staff are often knowledgeable in the specialist areas. What I like is the cool factor.

Fórum FNAC

The coffee bar is an essential part, allowing people to relax and take in the music played in store. or you can take a seat in the performance area, watch a film, or a  local band perform, or even a puppet show for the children. These are just a few of the regular events that the store puts on for it’s customers.

Selling product should be just part of the experience, getting customers to stay awhile, and be entertained, should be the objective.


For any business building up your customer base takes a lot of hard work, but hanging on to them when competition is fierce is even more difficult. Fnac show that even in a tough market you should be inventive and expand your horizons. Offering services that offer little or no profit for the business should not be overlooked.


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