Business Idea of the day – 5-star boutique hotel for cats.

Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotels are the world’s first truly 5-star catteries, dedicated to giving their feline guests a luxurious stay while their owners are away.

Launched by Abi Purser in response to the fact that she could not find a premium cattery in her area for her own beloved pet, the first boutique cat hotel opened in Welwyn Garden City in 2010. It has been a runaway success from the start, leading to the launch of several Longcroft franchise hotels across London and the South East to meet overwhelming demand from just some of the UK’s 11 million cat owners.

Much imitated but never equalled, the success of Longcroft lies in Abi’s meticulous attention to detail. From wrought iron designer cat beds to individually decorated bedroom suites, from gourmet menus and grooming services to a choice of music, and team members whose sole job it is to come in and entertain the feline residents – each aspect of a stay at Longcroft has been crafted around each individual cat’s well-being and the owner’s peace of mind.

Abi’s passion for perfection and personal involvement ensures that cats and their owners experience the same high standards and outstanding VIP service in every Hotel.

The testimonials from hundreds of grateful owners of very happy cats, the rave press features around the world, and the fact that Longcroft enjoys advanced bookings months in advance, is testament to the dedication and truly premium service you will experience at each of our Hotels.


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