The Sleepy Sleeve, it all began in Tennessee.


Keeping your bed-bound loved one warm has just gotten easier! Our Sleepy Sleeve’s double layer of soft fleece is comfortable enough to sleep in and roomy enough to accommodate for medical procedures and stiff joints. Generous sleeve length keeps fingers warm or can be rolled back when the hands are needed.

Better than a bed jacket, it provides warmth to the arms, hands, neck and shoulders, yet doesn’t reach all the way down the back, making it easy to put on even when in bed.

Our Sleeves are sewn in the USA using high quality polar fleece.

Sleepy Sleeve began in 2006 when my grandmother was in a nursing home in Tennessee. Her arms and hands were cold even with the heater running, so my mom decided to find a solution. She chose polar fleece for its warmth and comfort, and after grandma’s sleeve was complete, her nurses commented on how simple yet effective it was.

When I visited from Pennsylvania one day and tried on her sleeve, my first thought was “I could read in bed with this!” My second thought was “I know a lot of other people who would like one of these!” And so You’re Getting Warmer® was born.

This is a family business. My mom came up with the original concept. My husband, sister, and other family members have all been there with encouragement, feedback and financial support.

Our sons have contributed photography and design.

So from our family to yours, we wish you warmth

and comfort!

Your getting warmer

Linda McCabe

Owner, You’re Getting Warmer




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