From Disappointment to International Entrepreneur

From Disappointment to International Entrepreneur

Selling on Amazon helped young entrepreneur Callum Bush build MediaDevil, a successful international online business selling own-branded phone, tablet and laptop accessories.

While working in the trading department of a mobile phone store, Callum spotted an opportunity after a terrible personal experience buying a mobile phone screen protector himself. The screen protector material was low quality and ill-designed, the instructions were poor and the packaging badly presented. Callum was unable to resolve the issue with the retailer and disappointed with their poor customer-centric approach.

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Emi-Jay sold 6 million hair ties in 2012, just ask Jennifer Aniston


Julianne Goldmark, 17, and Emily Matson, 18, got the idea for their ribbon-like hair ties in the 8th grade, when they became captivated by high-end headbands and hair accessories. So, they went downtown, got their own fabrics and started to make their own just for fun.

jennifer-annistonA lucky connection –Matson’s mother shares the same hairstylist as Jennifer Aniston – led the Friends star to wear one of the girls’ black hair ties on the red carpet, and Marie Claire called the following week. Emi-Jay was born, as the girls scrambled to build a website and up production on the elastic hair ties.

Until recently, Goldmark says that she and Matson were still dying elastics and making them by hand at home. Now, they have 30 employees and a wholesale license, and are manufacturing the hair ties in their native LA. Their moms help manage the day-to-day while the girls finish high school, but both are heavily involved, attending all the meetings and designing all the products.

Emi-Jay sold 6 million hair ties in 2012, and is projected to sell 10 million of the accessories in 2013. The prices range from $5 to $20. They’ve still got smart heads on their shoulders, though: Goldmark says that the profits are being put away to save for college!


Who would open something as likely to fail as a bookstore smack in the middle of one of the most coveted retail strips in the startup capital of the world? At a time when bookstores across the country are struggling to stay in business or scrambling to adapt their business models, the arrival earlier this year of the LegalForce BookFlip store on University Avenue in Palo Alto could easily be looked at as something somewhere between an oddball gamble and serious folly.


Limor Fried on Making DIY Look Easy

As the founder of Adafruit Industries, a New York City-based DIY open-source electronic hardware kit maker, Limor Fried finds herself among the rarified few female engineers who are also bonafide entrepreneurs. Last year, Adafruit, which helps people create complex devices using everyday technology, did a booming $10 million trade in sales of the DIY kits. In addition to a legion of do-it-yourselfers, along the way, Fried picked up another fan: Entrepreneur magazine which named her Entrepreneur of 2012.

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Unique mobile liquid nitrogen ice cream parlour is set to grow turnover to £140,000 in his next year

lick me im delicous logo

Charlie Francis set up a unique mobile liquid nitrogen ice cream parlour in 2011 and is set to grow his turnover from £60,000 currently to £140,000 in his next year of trading. Lick Me I’m Delicious

How did it begin?

I had been working in the advertising industry but it had got a bit boring for me so I decided to set up on my own. My parents have been making ice cream in Wales for 30 years and it made sense to go into something where I could draw on that experience.

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